Promo EP 2017

by SorrowSpirit

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Prepare yourself for a strange and epic journey...
This is only the beginning...


released March 26, 2017


Tolkuton - Everything

Vocals, guitars and intro keyboards recorded at Tolkuton home studio
Synths, drums and bass programmed by Tolkuton
Mixing, mastering by Tolkuton

All music and lyrics by Tolkuton
Cover art and concept by Tolkuton



all rights reserved


SorrowSpirit Finland

Deep in the Finnish forests, after years of creating; Tolkuton has now melodic stories of his own to tell: Epic, melancholic and little bit lunatic songs in spirit of metal...

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Track Name: Escape
Darkness is falling
Hear the sounds of the woods
Feel the haunting whispers
As you fall asleep, hear my call

Come with me tonight
To realm of dreams
Drifting far away
We leave this world behind
Until I'm awake

This grief you cannot bear
In this world you cannot be
In this night you wish to die
And leave this world behind
Track Name: Senseless Ghost
Have you seen the man
Who has a plan
Can't get it done
He tells to none

He tries to run
But he's the one
His quest already began

From shadows he will rise
With fearless eyes
He fly through the skies
Into the endless cries
But he never lies
'Til last dream dies
His vision is endless
'Cause he is the senseless

He can't have rest
He tries the best
Nothing can oppress
His vision is endless

He tries to sneak
He can be bleak'n freak
But no means weak
He just needs his peak

Welcome to my Darkness
I am the ghost with the most
In this land of living sorrow

I will crush your dreams
I will destroy your dreams
I will make your every dream
An endless nightmare!

From shadows he will rise
With fearless eyes
He fly through the skies
Into the endless cries
His vision is endless
'Cause he is the senseless
Track Name: Song of Home
The winds so cold
The trees so old
Thousands of lakes I see
Where dancing snow follows me

The many tales told
The burden I hold
Through the grey stone
I roam alone

Voices of loneliness
Eternal wistfulnes
Which shines throughout times
Comes from deep within

I have longed for so long
This song is what makes me strong
This is where we belong so sing along

"Monta on laulua, monta myös laulujen miestä.
Yksi on laulu ylitse muiden:
Ihmisen, aattehen, hengen ankara laulu.
Kansat katoo, ei katoa mahti,
Jonka on laulanut mahtaja kansansa sielun."
["Väinämöisen laulu" by Eino Leino, 1912]